Our Story

Summit was founded in the late 1980s by Don Hodel (former Secretary of Energy and of the Interior) and Earl Gjelde (former Chief Operating Officer of the Department of Energy and Under Secretary of the Interior) to develop green-field natural gas-fired electric power projects primarily for municipalities and electric cooperatives.

Today, Summit specializes in gasification projects with carbon capture and enhanced oil recovery (EOR), high-efficiency natural gas-fired projects, utility-scale photovoltaic (PV) solar energy projects, as well as large wind projects. Summit also works jointly with several technology companies pursuing financing and commercial development of new clean energy technologies, such as direct air carbon capture and ultra-clean underground coal gasification with carbon capture. In all, Summit has led or had significant involvement in the successful development of more than 9,250 megawatts of projects either operating, in construction or in late stage development and representing in excess of $9 billion in investment. In addition, Summit has over 2,100 megawatts of early stage development projects in process.

Summit has the expertise to handle all aspects of the project development cycle and beyond, from first conception through the entire process of feasibility analysis, permitting, financing, design, procurement, construction, commissioning and active management during the operating life of the asset. Summit projects typically include fixed-price agreements with extensive warranties, including fixed-price, long-term operation and maintenance agreements. Summit is recognized as an industry innovator in the negotiation of (i) long-term operation and maintenance agreements, (ii) fuel supply agreements, (iii) electrical transmission and (iv) the sale of power and other outputs.

Characteristic of Summit’s approach is its ability to find creative solutions, move quickly, resolve issues amicably, ensure that local communities and governments are supportive, keep costs down and reduce risk.