Who we are

Photo courtesy of REC

Summit Power Group develops projects across a broad spectrum of energy technologies.

Summit specializes in clean energy technologies, including carbon capture projects for enhanced oil recovery (EOR), high-efficiency natural gas-fired power projects, utility-scale photovoltaic (PV) solar energy projects, as well as large wind power projects. Shifting fundamentals in the broader fuel and chemical markets has also created opportunities for Summit’s Carbon Capture Division to be active in the production of value-added industrial products such as CO2 for EOR, urea for fertilizer, and ammonia. Summit is unique in the development community in having such a broad expertise across technologies.

Summit has the expertise to handle all aspects of project development, construction and operation from first conception through the entire process of feasibility analysis and resource assessment, engineering design and procurement, feed stock and transport acquisition, land acquisition, electric transmission planning and acquisition, permitting, regulatory approval, off-take and output marketing, development and construction equity and debt financing, tax-driven financing, commissioning, asset management (including operations and maintenance and tax reporting), and asset disposition.

Summit develops and owns projects on its own account, but unlike most developers, has a flexible approach to commercial engagements. Summit frequently partners with other developers to jointly develop projects and is also retained by investor owned utilities (IOUs), publicly owned utilities (POUs) and energy cooperatives to develop projects on their behalf. Summit can co-venture on projects that lack sufficient resources by providing development expertise, equity investment, and raising additional capital.