US developer Summit Power to scale CCS

March 21, 2012
Energy Efficiency News

Seattle-based developer Summit Power is to lead an effort with National Grid and Petrofac to build a coal-fired power station with carbon capture and storage (CCS) at Grangemouth in Scotland.

The partners will apply to the Department of Energy and Climate Change’s (DECC) recently announced CCS delivery competition for funds to support the development of full-chain, commercial-scale CCS.

More than 90% of the carbon from the coal-fired power plant at Grangemouth on the Firth of Forth would be captured, which would also produce hydrogen for commercial use.

National Grid Carbon will transport the captured CO2 by pipeline to St Fergus, from where it would be transferred by Petrofac subsidiary CO2DeepStore for offshore geological sequestration under the North Sea.

The Caledonia Clean Energy Project benefits from being close to the North Sea for storage and use in enhanced oil recovery, say the partners, and will reuse existing pipelines.

WWF Scotland has given a cautious thumbs-up to the scheme because of its location, which could serve as the start of a CCS hub.

“The close proximity of this latest scheme to Grangemouth means it has the potential to reduce climate change emissions from the heavy industry located there,” says the organisation’s climate change officer Sam Gardner.

He adds that Scotland could choose to test CCS technology on gas at Peterhead and coal at Grangemouth in a concerted effort to reduce emissions. But he warns that the use of the captured CO2 for enhanced oil recovery should not be encouraged.

“If it is to make a credible contribution to Scotland’s low carbon future the developer must drop its plans to use the captured CO2 to pump out more oil from the North Sea,” he says.

Summit Power is currently working on a similar project in Texas, for which it has received $450 million from the US government, and intends to replicate many aspects of the Texas Clean Energy Project in Grangemouth.

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