Summit Power announces addition of Fire Island wind project to portfolio

The Fire Island Wind Project, developed with the project owner, Cook Inlet Region, Inc. (CIRI). The wind farm is located on Fire Island in Cook Inlet, three miles west of Anchorage. The project, jointly developed by CIRI and Summit Power, is owned and operated by Fire Island Wind, LLC (FIW), a wholly owned subsidiary of CIRI. Working together, CIRI and Summit brought the project through financing, construction, commissioning, and to commercial operation.

Chugach Electric Association (CEA), an electric utility in Alaska, will buy the power from the project. The Fire Island Wind Project is Alaska’s first major power project owned by an independent power producer, the company said.

Eleven turbines with 17.6 MW nameplate capacity are now complete and operating. Calculations by CIRI and Summit indicate that this is enough energy to offset more than 300 million cubic feet per year of natural gas required to produce equivalent amounts of electricity. The project is estimated to supply 4% of Chugach’s power, providing enough electricity for approximately 6,000 homes.

“CIRI has shown admirable dedication and vision with the Fire Island Wind Project,” said Dana Zentz, vice president of commercial development for Summit Power. “We’re proud to be CIRI’s partner in developing this project and expect the citizens of Anchorage to benefit from this CIRI investment for decades to come.”

Source: MarketLine