Siemens to continue providing service and maintenance at White Creek Wind I (WCWI) in Washington, USA

Siemens Energy has signed a service contract extension with White Creek Wind I, LLC, Summit Power Group, managing member, for the 89 SWT-2.3-93 units at the White Creek wind project near Roosevelt, Washington. The extension will help the project continue to perform at optimal levels of efficiency and availability.

The Summit -managed 205 megawatt (MW) WCWI project can provide electricity to more than 38,000 homes. The extension was endorsed by the six Northwest public utilities with long-term WCWI energy purchase agreements.

The WCWI wind project began operations in 2007. The new service contract between Siemens and the Summit-managed WCWI wind project adds an additional two years to the existing five-year agreement and includes additional modernization improvements.

A leading provider of wind service globally, Siemens has created a flexible service product portfolio that allows wind turbine owners to choose the level of support to match their needs. The Siemens service program focuses on providing a tiered range of services to help customers achieve high availability throughout the lifecycle of the wind turbines and wind farms.