Carbon Capture

Summit Carbon Capture, LLC (SCC), Summit’s Carbon Capture division, focuses on the growing markets for clean, domestic fossil fuel based energy. Fossil fuels such as coal, natural gas, and oil are abundant, secure, and reliable. Summit is the leading company developing projects that can take advantage of these attributes while ensuring that they are environmentally friendly and very low in greenhouse gas emissions. Climate friendly baseload power will have increasing value in the electricity marketplace and demand for large volumes of CO2 in applications such as Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) will also continue to grow as conventional CO2 supplies are limited. Summit’s expertise in leveraging advanced, proven technologies to optimize the economic opportunities surrounding clean power generation and oil production is unrivaled in the energy industry.

Summit’s projects within SCC include the Caledonia Clean Energy Project, a project under development in the United Kingdom. Captured COfrom the Caledonia power plant will be taken to a subsea saline formation in the North Sea for sequestration.

SCC’s primary business is large-scale carbon capture from power and other industrial projects and use of the captured CO2 for EOR. Summit has the experience and resources to work on all aspects of these projects from (1) technology development and commercialization, (2) project development, (3) CO2 and power and other output marketing, (4) EOR oil field identification and ownership, and (5) carbon emission credit verification and marketing. Summit is actively working with several different technology companies offering CO2 capture systems, including the leading equipment manufacturers for fossil fuel power production equipment.  Summit has expertise in solid feedstock surface gasification, natural gas based projects, underground coal gasification and direct air capture.


  • Caledonia Clean Energy Project, United Kingdom

    The Caledonia project will generate up to 1.3 GW of low carbon power using natural gas as a feedstock with over 90% CO2 capture for geological sequestration in the North Sea. In a major breakthrough for clean energy and climate, a newly completed Feasibility Report has confirmed that natural gas with carbon capture can be delivered competitively against other alternatives, paving the way for flexible clean electricity generation that can help integrate into the power grid the UK’s growing number of wind and solar projects, while also creating a new CO2 capture industry. The study, undertaken by Summit Power over a two-year period, concludes that a natural gas power plant with CO2 capture, using existing commercial technology, is both technically and financially feasible, and can be delivered in the early mid 2020s to ensure that the UK power grid remains stable as unabated fossil fuels are phased out and renewable energy projects increase.

    The Summary Report can be downloaded here: CCEP Feasibility Study Final Report